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Crunchwrap Supreme

Vegan MoFo: It's that time of year again! If you don't know what's up, allow me to give you a brief overview: short for the Vegan Month of Food, Vegan MoFo is an annual blogging event about all things vegan. Participants are given daily prompts and then post about it. If you need more info check out the MoFo website and get hip (click here and then come back). Today’s prompt: Road Trip Snack.

I tour a lot with my band and that used to mean that on top of practicing and packing and the fun but still stressful act of getting on stage in front of a shit ton of people, I also had to do tons of meal planning, extensive lists, expensive trips to the grocery store, and days of food prep. I actually shared one with you a few years ago. Check out this vegan Road Trip Checklist.

But just a few short years later I'm wondering if it's even worth it to do all that work just save a few dollars. Vegans got options now. I compared two different tours and found that prepping all the food ahead of time and storing them in coolers in the van only saved about $30 over a course of 10 days compared to us "winging" our meals.

On a long tour/road trip I need at max one hot meal a day. All other meals can be fruits and veggies or bagged salad from the grocery store. Most every city has a Whole Foods or Trader Joes but even if they don't, any grocery store will do. I once stopped at a grocery shack and bought spinach, an avocado, a can of black beans, and bottle of vinegar. It was under $5 and I had the biggest salad that kept me full all day.

But I can't eat like that exclusively. My band members can attest that I get pretty cranky if I don't get some warm food daily. So when we are on tour we plan to eat out once a day for the most part. On occasion we will do a camp-style BBQ before we play our show and sometimes after too.

Eating out for vegans has become so much easier with apps like Happy Cow (I basically plan our tours around this app), and the ever growing popularity of plant-based foods. But eating at a restaurant every night can be expensive. And if you're in a food desert, impossible. Luckily for all of us grocery stores and fast food restaurants are impervious to food deserts and are jumping on the vegan options train too.

Fred Meyer, Krogers, Winco, Walmart, Publix, Alberston's, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Carl's Jr., Burger King: they're everywhere and they've got options. Although I don't actually recommend throwing money at these corporate chains and franchised monsters, if you can help it. I do recommend finding a co-op or locally owned store, or farmer's market if you can and their not too spendy. But def don't go to Taco Bell or Carl's Jr. cuz word on the street is they support Trump and his 2020 Re-Election Campaign. Hard no.

Anyway, if you want more tips and tricks on how I travel with 2 men in a stinky van across the country through vegan food abundance and food deserts and stay all the way vegan without spending too much money just send me email, or a message on IG. You can also check out this list of  Accidentally Vegan Stuff at Most Grocery/Convenience Stores.

In the meantime, here's a vegan Crunchwrap Supreme to make at home.

Crunchwrap Supreme

2 cups vegan refried beans
1 cup of your fave vegan cheese sauce + 8 oz. can green chiles, combine
1/2 cup vegan sour cream
2 cups iceberg lettuce, shredded
1 tomato, seeded and diced
4 crispy corn tortilla rounds
4 flour tortillas, burrito size
  1. Pull out a flour tortilla layer up with 1/2 cup vegan refried beans, 1/4 cup vegan cheese sauce, 1 corn tortilla, 1 tablespoon vegan sour cream, 1/4 cup lettuce, sprinkle of diced tomato.
  2. Fold in tortilla edges into the center and try to cover the filling. 
  3. Get a little bit of oil warm in a skillet and golden up each side of your Crunchwrap Supreme. 


Road Trip Checklist 
Accidentally Vegan Stuff at Most Grocery/Convenience Stores

UP NEXT: Tomorrow I'm cooking with my favorite International Product!


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  1. I've never had a crunchwrap, but it definitely looks like the kind of thing I would fall in love with. Thanks for the tip about Taco Bell. I hadn't heard that about them and I know they're otherwise vegan friendly, but...yeah, hard pass.


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