Boiled Peanuts

Vegan MoFo: It's that time of year again! If you don't know what's up, allow me to give you a brief overview: short for the Vegan Month of Food, Vegan MoFo is an annual blogging event about all things vegan. Participants are given daily prompts and then post about it. If you need more info check out the MoFo website and get hip (click here and then come back). Today’s prompt: Cook a feast for your fave character.

How could a person choose one single character from TV, books, or film to call their favorite? I mean there are def characters that stand out for me, but how do you choose one?! I love Phoenix from Nnedi Okorafor's The Book of Phoenix and her unwillingness to compromise her powerful superhuman self. I strongly identify with Woodpecker's rebellious spirit in Tom Robbins' Still Life With Woodpecker. But futuristic desert food and tequila don't really follow along with my self-imposed theme of Southern food. Keeping my theme in the front of my thoughts has breathed life back in to some important characters from childhood. In this post I honor all of them for the lessons they taught me whether intentionally or not. Now on with it.

Name one person that didn't fall in love with Forrest Gump while watching the movie or moving through the pages of the book? That's what I thought. Forrest Gump grew up in the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama and I don't know very many folks who can make it through the entire movie without shedding at least one tear as Forrest maneuvers through sheer joy, danger, and heartbreak (over and over again). But there's one thing about Forrest Gump that is totally unbelievable. I mean what kinda Alabama childhood doesn't involve boiled peanuts? It actually breaks my heart that you. never get to see Forrest chowing down. Every Southern kid deserves the messiness of a brown paper bag of boiled peanuts; the fun of trying to eat them before they soak through the bottom of the bag. Forrest deserves this.

One of my big take-a-ways from Forrest Gump is that life it too short to waste a moment that's why I'm sharing my instant pot recipe for Boiled Peanuts. You deserve to be able to experience this joy without hours of laboring over a hot ass stove.

Bonus round: these characters had a major impact on me as a child in some form or another and they're also invited to my pretend feast with a dish in their honor.

Fried Green Tomatoes for Ms. Idgie Threadgoode (Fried Green Tomatoes)
A bowl full of cherries for Elvadine (The War)
Grits for Ms. Mona Lisa Vito (My Cousin Vinny)
Cornbread for Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Instant Pot Boiled Peanuts

1lb raw peanuts
1/3 c salt
1 tbsp red pepper flakes
1 tbsp creole seasoning

  1. Toss all ingredients into your instant pot.
  2. Cover peanuts with water
  3. Set for 90 minutes; let the pressure naturally release for like 30 minutes or so.
  4. Chow. 

UP NEXT: Veganizing something from a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy world. This is exciting!

ICYMI,  I made a dish from Southern Italy inspired by the greatest television show of all time, The Sopranos. 

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