Wasabi Cauliwings

"Spicy without Chilies" is my fave prompt of Vegan MoFo so far this year. When I was perusing the prompts before the start of this thing I thought I didn't need to worry about this one because spicy food is my lyfe. In the name of everything holy, the integrity of the MoFo, and in doing this thing right I realized that it's hard to make something truly spicy without capsaicin.

I spent a lot of time going through my mental rolodex of all the instances I had unexpectedly eaten spicy food and all of the instances were related to some very spicy peppers. Honestly, I was starting to feel defeated. And then like a bolt of lightning of a good idea, my son eating wasabi for the first time just appeared in my head. And that's how we got here.

Make your fave cauliflower wings recipe or go get the frozen suckers from Trader Joe's - either way you have to try this cause it's sooooooo good.

Wasabi Cauliwings

Cauliflower Wings (minus any sauce)
1/4 c vegan butter, melted (I used Miyoko's)
3 tbsp wasabi paste
1 tbsp maple syrup
2 tsp rice wine vinegar
  1. Mix all ingredients together and coat your cauliwings. 
  2. Gobble. 

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