Creamy Buffalo Mac

So you want something creamy but you don't have time to soak some cashews? or maybe you're trying to accommodate for a person with a nut allergy? Well I've got a hot tip for you. Hummus can be a life saver. All you have to do is thin out any leftover hummus you might have with whatever liquid seems like a good idea and add some additional herbs and spices if it's lacking in the flavor department. And boom you are on a round trip ticket to creamyville. You can use this thinned out leftover hummus sauce in literally any savory dish that could use the comfort of a creamy backdrop: it's a great base for pizza; it's a great salad dressing alternative; it works so good as a pasta sauce; it makes for a bomb potato salad.

For this dish I used some plain garlic hummus and added a shit ton of dill, some acv, and some water until it started tasting a little ranch-y. I cooked up some brown rice macaroni noodles until al dente and tossed them in my creamy hummus sauce. Tip: when you plan on baking your pasta dish use just a little more sauce than you think is needed. Don't worry it'll be perfect after it bakes.

The grocery store next to my house had some "oh my god someone please buy these before they go bad" boujee mushrooms on deep sale; so I popped those suckers in a 400 degree oven dry and let them cook until I felt they were done releasing liquids. I tossed them in my fave wing sauce and with all my love, I carefully placed those buffalo shrooms on my creamy ranch hummus noods. I turned the oven down to 350 and baked my Creamy Buffalo Mac for about 20 minutes - coincidentally that is exactly how long it took my family to eat the entire thing.

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