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Salted Cashew Dark Chocolate Bark

This is what you make when you're craving a candy bar, ok? It's super simple and takes no time at all to prepare. The cooling part takes a couple of hours but if you get busy doing other things, the time flys by and then it's time to eat all the chocolate.

If you do eat all the chocolate, don't feel too down on yourself. Dark Chocolate is good for you, believe it or not. It's good for you heart and brain. It keeps your blood sugar in check and your tooth enamel hard. Dark Chocolate is full of antioxidants and is high in Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, and Iron.

So it's basically a multivitamin. Take one daily.

12 oz dark chocolate
6 oz raw cashew pieces
a tiny teeny itty bitty bit of olive oil
salt, to taste
Get your broil on. Toss your cashew pieces a tiny teeny itty bitty bit of olive oil and then salt them as much as your heart desires. Pop them under the broiler until they start to brown up a bit. Take them out and let them cool. While the cashews are cooling, m…

Grown Up Grilled Cheese: Daiya Provolone, Fried Sage, and Pear

In the past 24 hours:
I started my periodwe bought a new van for our bandBandMan got pulled over the first time he drove the new van I saw a band I've been digging for awhile finally play live and was way disappointedwe were woken up by Boise Police at 1:30a to evacuate our home due to a massive gas leak about 100ft away from our front doorI got approximately 2.5 hours of sleep I showed up to work an hour lateBandMan got hit by a bicyclist while walkingI left work an hour early (because tired)I made this epic grilled cheeseBandMan turned our backyard swing set into a raspberry bush haven Thank Glob for comfort food when you need it.

2 slices of Daiya Provolone Cheese
2 slices of EnerG Gluten Free Tapioca Bread 
4-6 sage leaves
1/2 pear
salt, to taste
olive oil
Get some oil super hot in your pan and fry your sage leaves until they're brown on both sides. Sprinkle with salt and set aside. Make sure your pan cools down a bit and is still well oiled; lay down a slice of your bread, …

Zoodles w/Pesto Alfredo & Heirloom Tomatoes

This quick dish was an easy lunch I threw together in between a long first half of the day working on the garden and band rehearsal. I actually already had leftover pesto and cashew cream sauce in the fridge so it literally took a matter of minutes to go from hungry to not hungry. This is an incredibly simple, yet crazy tasty dish; which kinda makes it perfect. Am I right? or am I right?

You can eat it completely raw or heat your zoodles up on the stove before you toss it with everything. Totes up to you. Go with your heart.

All you need per person/serving is a some really awesome tomatoes that have so much flavor that you wanna marry them, to go on top of your zoodles that have been tossed in a few tablespoons of your favorite pesto, equal parts cashew cream sauce, nutritional yeast and red pepper flakes, to taste (which mean their optional, unless you love the flavor of them, then it means to add a shit ton).

Tofu, Broccoli, & Kraut

I'm like completely in love with sauerkraut right now. I've been hitting the kraut hard for the past week - vegan hot dogs, toast with kraut on top, BandMan made a bombass Roasted Beet Sandwich with mustard marinated tofu, sauteed beet greens, and sauerkraut (and that was in a 24 hour period).

This is a super good thing because:

Sauerkraut is a probiotic food
The lactic acid process that naturally preserves sauerkraut is ripe with probiotic power. To name just a few of the good bacteria that are common to lactic acid preserved food, there is Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. plantarum, L. caret, L. pentoaceticus, L brevis and L. thermophiles. There is a wide range of healthy bacteria responsible for these beautiful ferments, so you won’t find the same good bacteria count in every batch, but what you will find is a product brimming with healthy probiotics that will help ensure good gut health. Because of antibiotic use, and even the chlorine in our water, the healthy…

Savory French Toast

Over the years I've realized why I don't like breakfast: I'm just not that into sweets and a lot of the most popular dishes for the "most important meal of the day" is sweet. Think donuts, pancakes, waffles, crepes, French toast, etc. I know it might sound crazy, but I'm just not that into it.

I've had some pretty great success in the past transforming traditional sweet dishes into savory and frankly I'm not sure what took me so long to try something like this. 
The star of this savory French toast is the leftover 52 Garlic Clove Soup. If you don't have any soup try substituting Cashew Cream Sauce with some Nutritional Yeast mixed in? I haven't tried this or anything but in my brain it sounds awesome. 

1/2 red onion, thinly sliced 
1/2 french baguette - about 6 slices, sliced thick
1 c 52 Garlic Clove Soup
4 kale leaves, sliced
1/2 c thinly sliced red cabbage
olive oil
Heat up some olive oil on medium heat and get the onions cooking. When they start …

The Cure: 52 Garlic Clove Soup

In my last recipe (Roasted Jalapeno Popper Dip) I may have mentioned that my other main squeeze, FireNips, has been sick. Well, turns out pretty much everyone is sick in the City of Trees. There's some sort of wicked respiratory virus spreading through the bodies of all the people that I care about. It starts with a sore throat, moves all the way to a full blown hacking cough and congestion out the eyes, and then finishes itself off with a healthy eye infection that looks like Pink Eye's twin. The whole roller coaster ride of not fun take about a week and half to two weeks from start to finish.

I woke up yesterday morning with a foggy head and a sore throat. My first thought: "aw hell no I'm not catching this shit; "my band (Sun Blood Stories) is scheduled to do a live recording - visual and audio - of our set for a BSU class that is learning how to shoot live bands for television (think Saturday Night Live's special musical guests). This was literally the w…

Jalapeno Popper Dip

Have you ever read that 5 Love Languages book? Well it's this weird (and surprisingly useful) book based around a personality quiz in the back. You and your partner take the quiz at the end of the book and tally up how many times you chose certain letters (kinda like those sex/style quizzes that used to be in that cosmo magazine). The letter, or two, that you picked the most represents your love language (the way you communicate affection and receive affection). My two highest scores were in "touch" and "quality time," which means that I need lotsa hugs and hangs. After reading the book and taking the quiz several times (results are always the same), I've come to the realization that the book has a lot of bullshit between the covers. However, keeping the results in mind when communicating with my family (BandMan, VegKid, ChefMom, etc.) has drastically improved our relationships from good to better.

There is just one big area the quiz got wrong: I may recei…

Protein Packed Lentil Cups for 1

This simple, yet elegant lunch packs a powerful protein punch, weighing in right at 10 grams which is about a 1/3 of my daily protein goal. It's also all about the fiber; guess how many grams - just guess - you're totally right: A LOT (about 50% of the suggested daily intake). The whole meal only takes about 30 minutes to prepare (3 minutes if you've got precooked or leftover lentils) and is under 300 calories; it's also really really delicious which pretty much makes it perfect.

Use your favorite store-bought hummus or try one of these hummus recipes:
Thai HummusPumpkin HummusCucumber HummusBlack Bean HummusRAW Hummus
Also, if you're not feeling lettuce cups, or don't have butter lettuce, serve this all on top of a bed of mixed greens and have a bomb-ass salad.
1/2 c cooked lentils
juice from a slice of lime
1/4 of an avocado
2 tbsp hummus
butter lettuce
assemble and eat!

Roasted Allspice Carrots with Sauerkraut Puree

Ok so you know how I said I was going to cover all this food at Treefort Music Fest this year? No, that's cool. Well I did say that and my coverage fell flat. Mainly because I didn't really eat. I was definitely too busy experiencing new music, playing shows, meeting musicians I admire, and attempting to entertain the 9 people that were bunking with us for 5 days to worry about eating.

I am grateful for the food I did receive though: Friday morning I made a big pot of aloo gobi for the guests (it lasted about 10 minutes). Saturday ChefMom made the most bomb burritos for the artist lounge (I may have had 2 1/2). Sunday she also catered the showcase my band had the honor of playing (once people saw food it was gonzo - luckily all the bands and staff were able to eat before the food apocalypse). Little food accompanied little sleep. I'm pretty sure I got a total of 12 hours of sleep over 5 days (worth it by the way).

What my 5 day experience wasn't lacking was good vib…