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Egyptian Fava Bean Salad

It's been unusually warm here in the City of Trees this February. So warm, in fact, that I'm able to bike to work daily (it's almost unbearably cold in the morning and the ride home in the evening has me all sweaty). I average about 6 miles a day on the bike, which means my winter pounds are starting to shed. And the better I look naked in the mirror, the better my eating habits usually get.

This Fava Bean Salad is light and spring flavored cause it has all the flavors of spring - lemon, dill, and parsley. The fava bean, or broad bean to some, is a good source of dietary fiber, the impossible-for-a-vegan-to-get protein, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and folate - all these nutrients keep your hair and eyes in good shape, your bones and teeth strong, and your DNA pumping along.

Speaking of DNA (not really), I divided this bean (and it's actually a pea) salad into 4 servings and put it on top of a bed of mixed greens. I think the whole thing weighs in at roughly 250 calo…

Korean BBQ Sauce

Being a Southern girl with a partner that doesn't like BBQ sauce is hell, lemme just tell you. I've mentioned before that BandMan doesn't like BBQ sauce (check this post) and just typing that out just now is just as nuts to me as the first time he said it...I know my reaction had to have been "WTF do you mean, don't like BBQ," but I can't really remember because it's all a haze that I think my emotional brain is trying to block. Luckily for me, I've finally made two (count 'em, 2!) BBQ-ish sauces that BandMan liked: this one and the Korean BBQ sauce below.

This is going to seem totally off topic, but bare with me for a moment; hopefully it'll all come together. Recently, I've found some fellow vegans in the area that I live. I've always known 2 or 3, but because of the instagram and other social media sites, I've been lucky enough to find a whole gaggle of vegheads in Boise. I had the pleasure of being invited over to one of th…

[the best] Brunch Casserole

This brunch casserole is loosely based on a dish I remember eating when I was little in Alabama. The ingredients for the recipe I remember lists a stick of butter first; this is very common for traditional Southern cuisine (obvs, you won't find a stick of butter in here.) The next ingredients on the list would be two or three cans of creamed corn, and heavy cream. The last ingredients are the ingredients for cornbread - usually with more butter and more heavy cream.

None of that shit is in this recipe. I love creamed corn but corn is not in season so I decided to make creamed carrots instead. And since no meal is complete with out something green I added in some kale. This dish is not even close to the traditional dish and I'm ok with that. However, the traditional dish usually has some sort of bacon or ham in the casserole and while this isn't really even close to that dish, I wanted to at least try a little to get close; so I threw in some marinated mushrooms to kind of …

Chocolate Cake for 2

I had such great pleasure testing out the different flour ratios to make these little cakes perfect. Chocolate is BandMan's mistress so he was into it too. The ratio below for teff and buckwheat flour are only because that's what I had in the house at the time that I realized I should share this recipe with y'all. It also works with brown rice flour really nicely. If you have rice flour you can totally sub out 1/4 of a cup of rice flour for both flours in the recipe.

These baby cakes can be ready in 15 minutes. That makes late night cravings for sweet so much easier to deal. They're super moist and decadent, which makes me really glad that I figured out how to only make 2 servings at a time, because if I made a standard sized cake, I'd eat a standard sized cake.

3 tbsp teff flour
1 tbsp buckwheat flour
2 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp raw cane sugar
1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1/4 c unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp olive oil
Preheat to 350. Mix all ingredients together. Bake for a…

[RAW] Beet Ravioli w/Parsley Cashew Filling

The weather is starting to warm up a little bit - 60 degrees in Boise in the middle of February isn't exactly the norm for the City of Trees - but I'm not complaining (at least about that).

I've been craving a raw food cleanse lately. I keep thinking about it and wanting it but I know that's not exactly what y'all come here to read about. Y'all love the comfort food and I don't blame you, I do too! But I want to impress upon you that all food can be comfort food - including raw food. It's not all just lack luster, flavorless salads, or monoeating; and it doesn't all have to take two days to prepare (I'm looking at you dehydrator).

Here's what I had for dinner last night and it took all of ten minutes to prepare and about 3 minutes to scarf. It's a little on the fatty side if you eat all the cashew cream filling - and I did - but fuck it, it's still raw and chances are if you're currently doing a raw food cleanse you probably foun…

Ethiopian Style Lentils \\ Misr Wat

In addition to the teff flour, BandMan also got me some berbere from the Boise International Market for x-mas this year. What's berbere? It's a traditional Ethiopian spice mix and it's the key ingredient in most Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. Since I fucking love Ethiopian food, I was pretty stoked that BandMan gifted me the two most essential ingredients in creating it.

Since x-mas, I've used up almost all my teff flour perfecting gluten free pancakes and tiny chocolate cakes (comin' atcha just in time for Valentine's Day), but this is my first dish using the berbere he gifted me.

Let me start with a warning: when FireNips leaves a jalapeno on the counter for over a month, and it's smooth, deep dark green skin gets all wrinkly and bright red and it really no longer resembles a jalapeno, that fucker is HOT; like super duper crazy spicy.

Y'all probably know by now that spice is my thing, but this was beyond my wildest expectations of spicy. But the flav…