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Bean and Mushroom Curry

Breaking News: FireNips has moved in with the VegFam!

and my girl, IndianaJane, is in town for the holidays. Her Boise arrival has quickly became my favorite holiday tradition.

So I asked our house guest and new roommate what they wanted for dinner through text. FireNips was the quicker to respond with "something with beans. I want to fart like a demon;" IndianaJane followed up with "mmmmmm anything with mushrooms in or around it." Which brings us here: Bean and Mushroom Curry.

There's nothing special about this curry except for the fact that is pretty much amazing and nailed all the flavors of traditional Indian curries without being traditional. The oyster mushrooms can be substituted for any other mushroom you'd like to put in the game, but the oyster mushrooms were, and always will be, my MVP.

This dish can be made in as little as 20 minutes (depending on your rice situation), but I drew the cooking process out for a long time which made the flavors co…

some of the foods i've been too busy to post about over the holidays

Cranberry Walnut Bread

Something about the holidays really gets my sweet tooth going. I don't normally want sweets but there is something about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that really revs my engine for cookies, cakes, and candy. Lately, I've been making a chocolate cake for two fairly regularly. It's not perfect yet, which is something I just tell myself so I can keep making it every night - relatively guilt free - before I decide it's good enough to post here for the whole interwebs to taste with their eyes. I guess you'd call that a teaser, right?

Enough about the future, let's talk about this cranberry bread. It's great for breakfast and I'm usually all about the veggies for bfast. It's mildly sweet and tart as shit with those fresh cranberries in it; so I love it. Guess what else I love about it? It's gluten free. BandMan said you can tell it's gluten free because of the density but I could give two shits I thought it was tasty as fuck. Also, …