Happy National Whiskey Sour Day...

...now this is a holiday I can really get behind and celebrate the shit out of because whiskey is my adult beverage of choice. I like it neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail. Hell, I'm not even picky: cheap, expensive, rye, bourbon; I don't care, I love them all!

But guess what I don't love? If you guessed all the rest of the ingredients in a whiskey sour, you're right! Sour mix is filled with shit you don't need in your body; simple syrup is a waste of your money, and a maraschino cherry's key ingredient is bleach. So keep that shit out of your body.

Here I make homemade sour mix and simple syrup cause it is easier, it tastes better, and it is cheaper!

Here's my recipe: celebrate.

1 c raw cane sugar1 c water
4 lemons, juiced
4 limes, juiced
3/4 c whiskey
4 fresh cherries
  1. Combine the water and sugar together over heat until the sugar dissolves. Toss it in the fridge/freezer and get it cooled all the way down. That's simple syrup.
  2. Mix together the whiskey, lemon and lime juices, and simple syrup in a large jar with ice. Give it a shake or two and split cocktail between 4 glasses. Toss in the cherry for good measure and drink up. 



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