Thai Hummus-Crusted Cauliflower Steaks

You guys! I finally got to cook in my new kitchen! I can't share pictures yet because this house is still all boxes and no shine. But soon my, VegHeads. You must be patient.

From all the packing and unpacking, moving, two different band practices a day, and multiple out-of-town music festivals I've been performing at, my brain is a bit stalled on life. It's been goGOGO for the past few weeks and the whole family has been - well as VegKid put it - "when are we going to be done being in a hurry all the time?"

Hurry up and unpack that box, hurry up and tune your guitar, hurry up and pack your camping bag for the festival (but make sure to forget all your contact stuff), hurry up make dinner. In this hurried time, I don't even think about a meal until well after everyone is hangry; so I'm not ashamed to say that I turn to some of my favorite vegan blogs to help guide me when my culinary creativeness is hurried out the door.

In this case, I found this wonderful hummus-crusted cauliflower from FatFree Vegan. I didn't have any tahini or rosemary, but what I did have was peanut butter and fresh basil and cilantro from my herb garden; so with a few tweaks, I made a Thai version of her glorious dish. It was exactly what I needed after all that hurry.

Here's exactly how I make Thai Hummus


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