Cilantro Pesto on Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens

So I've been on a losing streak in the kitchen. I can't say that the dishes I made weren't good, because they were. Damn good. But, they were ugly. Or didn't plate well. Or fell apart when they were being moved from the cooking zone to the eating zone. Anyway, not that important. I just wanted you to know where I've been in case you were wondering; which I am sure, you weren't.

I super recommend making this dish in it's entirety because it was the bomb dot com. Roast some beets until they are tender and saute the beet greens with olive oil, garlic cloves, and red pepper flakes. Top it all off with this cilantro pesto.

Upon first bite, open your eyes real wide, and watch your world expand.

1/3 c cashews
juice of 1/2 lime
1/3 c olive oil
  1. Pulse all ingredients together until it looks like pesto. 

After we ate this stupid-good dinner, we ran off to band practice. We worked on music stuff until about 1:00am and naturally I was starving. So I pan-fried up a slice of homemade bread and topped it with a variation of hummus, beet slices, and the cilantro pesto. Holy shit! So great. Make this pesto.

my late night/early morning snack


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