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Yam Stew

On Friday, a friend of mine offered me some collard greens from their garden. There are many etiquette related reasons why a good Southern gal would NEVER turn an offer like this down, but etiquette aside, I REALLY LOVE COLLARD GREENS. The next day I picked up my Basket Bountiful and I had tons of yams and immediately knew I was making this. I made something similar to this before but somehow the photo has been deleted. Please consider this a modified version of African Sweet Potato Soup.

This is a complete meal. With no meat at all, one serving of this stew has about 13g of protein. That's 25% of your daily intake. Its also:
Low in saturated fatHigh in dietary fiberHigh in manganeseVery high in vitamin AHigh in vitamin CIngredients:
4 cups of Better Than Bouillon Stock
1 onion, chopped
2 cups peeled and diced yams
1 can garbanzo beans, drained
1 cup uncooked brown rice
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup peanut butter
2 cups chopped collard greens
1/2 black pepper
1 tbsp soy sauce

sriracha to taste

Heat 2 …

Curried Purple Hull Peas

Oh how I enjoy the challenge of walking into my kitchen and making dinner out of what I can see. No looking up recipes. No running to the store for the 2 ingredients I'm missing. I literally start throwing stuff in a pot and see what happens.
What happened tonight was perfect! I was craving Indian food (what's new?) and my pot gave me a delicious Indian inspired cuisine. I wrote everything down as I was throwing ingredients in so I could grace you with it's presence if it proved worthy.
Note: I didn't have coconut milk, ginger or cilantro on hand which, in retrospect, is the only thing that would have made this dish better (if I could just toot my own horn a bit).

1 package or 2 1/2 Cups of frozen purple hull peas, cooked according to package
3 cups bean cooking liquid

1 bay leaf 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup diced plum tomatoes (I cut up around 8 small tomatoes that measured at a cup) 1/2 cup soy milk 1 Tbsp curr…

Cream of Broccoli Soup


•3 medium broccoli stalks, peeled, and florets (about 6 cups)
•4 cups vegetable broth
•1/2 cup loose chopped parsley
•1/2 tsp powdered or crushed dried rosemary
•1 tsp dried powdered or crushed dried thyme
•2 Tbsp olive oil
•2 cloves garlic, crushed
•1/4 cup diced yellow onion
•2 Tbsp flour
•2 cups unsweetened soy milk
•1/4 tsp salt or to taste
•Fresh ground black pepper

1. Peel broccoli stems. Chop stems and florets into small pieces
2. Chop parsley, reserving 2 Tbsp to mince as a garnish
3. Place broccoli into stock and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until tender - about 5 minutes
4. Peel and crush garlic cloves, dice onion. Sauté on medium heat in 1 tsp olive oil for 10 minutes. Add to pot
5. Place broccoli, liquid, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and salt in blender or put solids through a foodmill, or mash and strain. Puree until smooth. Set aside
6. Heat the olive oil in the soup pan. Add the flour and cook on low for ten minutes.
7. Stir in milk with a whisk, br…

Holiday Cookie Bars

This is for special occasions only in my house. VERY RICH! (and not so healthy)

Ingredients: 1/3 cup extra-firm silken tofu 1/3 cup vanilla soymilk 1/3 cup unbleached sugar 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1/4 cup margarine 3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
2/3 cup flaked coconut 3/4 cup vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips Preheat the oven to 350F and spray a glass 8×8-inch baking dish with non-stick spray. In a blender, puree the tofu, soymilk, cornstarch, and sugar until completely smooth. Put the margarine into a bowl and melt it in the microwave (or do this on the stove and pour into a bowl). Add the graham cracker crumbs and mix until well-moistened. Pour them into the prepared baking dish and press evenly to cover the bottom of the pan. Pour the tofu mixture over the crust. Sprinkle with the nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips, and press it all into the dish firmly with a fork. Bake for about 30 minutes, until lightly browned. Cool completely before cutting into about 16 ba…

Curried Lentil, Potato and Cauliflower Soup

If a soup can be light and hearty at the same time, this is it! A perfect winter soup recipe.

1 1/2 Tbsp light olive oil1 large onion, chopped6 cloves garlic, minced2 stalks celery, trimmed & diced1 cup green lentils, rinsed6 cups water2 bay leaves2 large potatoes, scrubbed and diced1 can salt-free diced tomatoes, undrained2 tsp good quality curry powder, or to taste1/2 tsp ground turmericPinch of nutmeg2 1/2 cups finely chopped cauliflower pieces2 cups finely chopped fresh spinach leaves OR 1 cup frozen chopped spinach, thawed2 Tbsp minced fresh cilantroJuice of 1/2 lemonSalt and freshly ground pepper to tasteHeat the oil in a soup pot. Add the onion, celery and garlic. Sauté over medium-low heat until translucent.Stir in turmeric, curry powder and nutmeg, and sauté for 1 minute.Add the lentils and bay leaves. Cover with 6 cups waterBring to a rapid simmer, then lower the heat. Cover and simmer gently for 10 minutesAdd the potatoes and tomatoes, and simmer until the p…

Banana Nut Bread

Today is the day I pick up my Bountiful Basket for the week. It's also the day that I throw together a bunch of ingredients (I like to call them recipes) so I can use them up before they a) go bad or b) get replaced with new foods. 

Even after making a few batches of my BanCranBerry Muffins, I still feel overrun by bananas. So I'm making more banana bread. Originally, I had planned to give this loaf away to some friends of mine and co-workers but it's so delicious that I simply can't. They've got the next loaf.

I recommend mixing all ingredients with a wooden spoon. I feel like hand mixers tend to make my breads and muffins gummy. If you'd like to make this recipe as muffins, just bake for a shorter time, like 18-22 minutes.

2 large very ripe bananas
1/4 cup of leftover PearSauce (or applesauce)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons molasses
2 cups flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup …

Gardein Chick'n and Dumplings

Anyone who grew up in the south knows your pallatte can not go too long with out having some chicken dumplings. I have managed to go six years or so since my last tasting of this dish...I'm sure that will never happen again! Thank you Gardein for making such yummy stuff!

1 Cup soy milk
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
2 Cups flour
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
Egg replacer to replace 2 eggs (I like to use Enger-G Egg Replacer for these)

Mix the soy milk and vinegar together and set aside for at least 5 minutes. Sift dry ingredients together in a large bowl. In a small bowl, lightly beat the egg replacer and soy milk mixture together. Pour the liquid in the dry ingredients and stir gently. Mix just until combined.

2 Tablespoons margarine (like Earth Balance)
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1/2 Cup carrot, chopped
1/2 Cup celery, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 bay leaves
1/4 Cup flour
6 Cups vegetable broth
1/4 cup soy cream or milk
1 package Gardein Chick…

Avocado Spread

I swear by this spread; It's an answer to vegan prayers. Recently, I have found myself bored with the usual hummus on my sandwiches and such. I needed a change and what a yummy change I've found.

You'll need:
1 avocado
1 clove of garlic smashed
1/2 teaspoon of mustard
A pinch of salt

Smash it all up to the consistency of your liking and never eat a boring sammich again!

I know simple, right? It'll add the spark you and your food's love life has lost.

Cornbread Muffins

The perfect compliment to any meal, even breakfast!

What you need:

nonstick spray
2 cups plain soy milk
2 1/2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
2 1/4 cups plain yellow cornmeal
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2-3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup vegetable oil

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a muffin tin with nonstick spray or line with paper liners. Pour and whisk milk and vinegar together in a small mixing bowl until blended. Let sit while you mix the other ingredients.

2. In a larger mixing bowl, mix the cornmeal, baking powder and salt together until well blended. Then pour oil into the milk mixture, and whisk until frothy.

3. Mix the liquid with the dry ingredients until you have a rather thin, almost soupy mixture. (do not worry, it will firm up just fine in the oven)

4. Pour batter into prepared pan, and bake for approximately 20 minutes. My muffins did not brown very much, so you may have to taste test occasionally through the baking process to get the consistency that you want.

Red Beans and Rice

You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl!

This is really simple to put together and then you just walk away and forget about it until it's time to eat. It's delicious, filling, chock full of nutritious ingredients and just perfect for these cooler fall and winter nights!

What You'll Need:

 1 cup of long grain brown rice (Note: You could use white rice if you wanted to, but brown is much healthier.)2 cups of dried red kidney beans that have been soaked overnight1 medium red onion, chopped1 medium bell pepper, chopped2 stalks of celery, chopped6-8 garlic cloves, minced1/2 cup of chives, chopped (Note: I used dried chives this go around, but you can use fresh as well.)1-2 tablespoons Cajun or Creole Seasoning1 tablespoon of smoked paprika1 teaspoon of sea salt (Note: Omit this if your seasoning contains salt.)4 cups of water 

 What You'll Do: In the bottom of your slow cooker spread the rice out in an even layer. Next ad…

Quinoa Corn Chowder

My daughter has been requesting that I make "Corn Soup" for about 4 months now. For one reason or another, I have not been able to make this happen for her (it was too hot for soup originally and as soon as it started cooling down, I wasn't receiving corn in my Bountiful Basket. I did, actually make her some "Corn Soup" when I was in my "raw week", but she didn't care for it because "it wasn't cooked and it was cold").

The stars finally aligned: I have around 10 ears of corn from my basket (as well as potatoes, red bell peppers and nearly every ingredient you'll find listed below) and the high today was 65, perfect soup weather for me is a range between 45 and 65.

Here's the long list of stuff I used:
3/4 cup quinoa1 - 2 Tbsp olive oil2 medium potatoes4-5 ears fresh corn on the cob4 cups vegetarian soup stock or water2 celery stalk, diced1 lg red pepper, diced3 cloves garlic1 tsp minced ginger1 tsp ground coriander1 tsp paprik…


This week's basket of fruits and veggies from Bountiful Baskets, brought me pears among other amazing goodies. I am not too familiar with creating warm dishes with fruit but it's getting chilly out, so warm dishes are a must!

This pear sauce is similar to applesauce but totally different, considering I don't particularly care for applesauce. The next time I have Sunday Morning Pancakes, I'm going to top them with this pear sauce instead of maple syrup.

What I Used:

4 -5 large pears, cored and coarsely chopped, with skins still on (about 4 cups) 2 tablespoons honey (Technically, not vegan. I rarely use Honey and when I do, I never feel guilty about it)1 teaspoon vanilla Cinnamon, to sprinkle on topWhat I Did:
Cook pears over medium-low heat, covered, for a few minutes until they start to release all their juices. Then uncover and continue to cook until pears are soft.Mash or puree to get your desired texture - I like to leave it kind of chunky.Stir in honey and vanilla, m…

BanCranBerry Muffins

When life gives you mushy bananas, make banana bread (or muffins)!

The riper the bananas, the better the bread, so finding several overripe bananas on your kitchen counter should not be a hardship  but an opportunity to make a treat for your friends and family. I happened to have 1 cup of a dried cranberry and dried strawberry mix that I got from the bulk foods section of my local grocery store, so I thought I would mix some in the batter. The result was incredible: The bananas make the bread extremely moist and lightly sweet, and the cranberries and strawberries add a fruity surprise to every other bite.

Here's What I Used:

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
5 large bananas, mashed (depends on how banana-y you like it)
1/2 cup white sugar
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup dried cranberry-strawberry mix, dipped in water for 5 minutes to soften, then drain
Cinnamon sugar for sprinkling on top (this ma…

Jazz Up that Can of Soup

Fall has finally arrived here in Boise and so has my appetite for soup!

Here's an idea for making that can of soup in your pantry delicious and exciting!

This is a very easy way to add excitement and flavor to other wise bland canned soup.