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Furlough + Cashew Kale and Quinoa

Holy sabbatical, Batman! I am having mixed emotions about the culinary world here in Boise. It seems nearly every establishment now has vegan options on the menu. This is great for when I want to go out and eat but TERRIBLE on my midsection because I always want to go out to eat. I spent a few weeks convincing myself that I was too busy to cook. BLASPHEMY! One is never too busy to cook. I jumped back on ordering my Bountiful Basket and here we are back to blogging about the foods I experiment with. I got tons of kale in my basket this week and to be honest, I've never really eaten it before. On tonight's menu was Cashew Kale and Quinoa. It was AMAZING, toot-toot! (<-- about="about" and="and" horn="horn" it="it" my="my" not="not" own="own" p="p" shy="shy" tooting="tooting">

What I used: 1/2 cup cashews 3/4 cup water 1 clove garlic 1 teaspoon Better Than Bouillon-Vegetable …