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I eat to live and I live to eat

For me, food can do anything. Food can make a person feel better when they are down. Food can invoke memories that can make you grin like you haven't grinned since you were 7 years old. Food can be an expression of love or remorse.
Every time I eat, I eat with purpose. If you feel good about what you are eating and you enjoy it, you will find yourself much more satisfied. Most people do not realize how unsatisfied they are until they truly become satisfied.
I love what I eat. I know that I am completely satisfied with my diet. 
Today for breakfast I had "scrambled eggs". This is a very simple recipe saute an onion with a small can of drained corn. Once the onion is translucent crumble in 12 oz of extra firm tofu.
Mid Morning Snack: 2oz of vegan sausage; 1/4 of a sweet potato; 1 small apple
Lunch: Vegan No Meatloaf; roasted carrots; roasted brussel sprouts
Snack: 1 small apple
Dinner: Vegan Chick'N Parmesean- As an extremely busy, single mom on a budget this is one …