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Chocolate Chip Curry Cookies with Sriracha

There are few social media behaviors I loathe more than the wannabe influencer or business page copy and pasting their generic ass comment on every pic using whichever hashtag they've decided to stalk that day. Hell no I'm not going to check out your vegan page so I can get inspiration on my weight loss journey, Brittney. I've been vegan longer than you've been alive so why don't you follow my page for inspiration?! Ask any of my insta followers, I am ruthless when it comes to these types of comments and I don't let them slide or go unchecked. Some pages have gone so far as to block my ass because they were spamming me and couldn't handle being called out on it. I'm not really sure why I am going off about this right now it's not relevant at all to this recipe. The only common thread here is social media.

Uncomfortable Pivot: I know y'all probably think these cookies sound as pleasing as getting 100 copy and paste comments every hour for the res…

Vegan Cauliflower Mushroom Meatballs

Hell yeah here comes the warmer weather with picnics and potlucks in tow. You shouldn't ignore that excited feeling in your tummy just now. It happened when you read the words picnics and potlucks (oops there it is again). I know I'm excited too! Picnic and Potluck Season is basically here. It's time to start planning your potluck strategy because before you know it, you'll be face-to-face with a BBQ or a cookout and maybe even you're hosting it. The question you've got to answer for yourself right now is: are you even prepared? 

If you answered yes, I call bullshit. Ain't no way you're already prepared for potluck season when we barely even got to say Hi to March before she was gone from our lives for forever. Now is not the time, ok? Potluck season is serious business. 

If you said no you're not prepared, first of all thank you for being honest; second, don't worry nobody is prepared but you can get prepared pretty easily. You just need a few tr…