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Jerk Seitan and Asparagus

Weeknight dinners need to be quick, easy, tasty, and filled with good for you stuff. This is it. Remember the epic Thai Zoodles (for people who hate zoodles) with Instant Pot Curry Seitan that I shared with you over the weekend? Yeah that one. If you read my short word-vomit at the beginning of the post you'll remember we talked about making sure you save some seitan for some leftover lunch magic later in the week. To quote my own self unnecessarily:
I'm going to go ahead and make a promise that my next recipe will use the leftover seitan from this recipe in a whole new way and with a whole different flavor, using none of the ingredients used in this recipe (except for the leftover seitan, of course). - Amber from Amber Eats Veg Presents: This Vegan Lyfe
Using leftover seitan puts this entire dish's cooking time down to 10 minutes, or shorter depending on the amount of doneness you prefer on your asparagus. For this meal I used Urban Accents Jamaican Jerk Taco Simmer Sauce. This is totally an unpaid, non-sponsored plug because their simmer sauces are amazing and I just feel like giving them a shout out (for the future though, I accept cash, money order, PayPal, Venmo, and more sauces). I can't remember how I acquired these sauces but I know it was through instagram and was related to Vegan MoFo and one day I just got a box full of free and delicious sauces from Urban Accents.

Before you continue to some pics of the food, I must warn you the next paragraph is a rant. Feel free to skip it.

Rant: y'all are just going to have to forgive me for this awful ass winter lighting that makes all food look like shit. I have artificial lighting and stuff like that but it also makes the food look like shit. I'm not going to go all out of my way to try and make it look like Winter is not stubborn as hell when it comes to sunlight. Its just too much work for the food to look gross either way. I'm opting for real life here.
Using leftovers to create new meals is a special kind of super power that I pride myself in. It's a fun challenge and I'm pretty damn competitive. So I think I'm going to start sharing some of my leftover magic with y'all going forward. Are y'all even interested? Does this sound boring? Let me know your thoughts either way because it's surprisingly a lot more work to keep track of recipes when you're performing said magic.

Jerk Seitan and Asparagus, serves 1: if you need more just double, triple, quad it. 

1 serving of leftover seitan (4 pieces), sliced up
8 oz of asparagus
2 tbsp Urban Accents Jamaican Jerk Taco Simmer Sauce
  1. Preheat oven to 425
  2. Throw the asparagus on a sheet pan and give it a short spray with your fave non-stick spray. Sprinkle with a tad bit of salt and pop her in the oven. 
  3. Get your fave skillet nice and hot and throw your leftover seitan in there. When the seitan starts to brown up a bit, flip those suckers and add a tablespoon of the jerk sauce. 
  4. Flip open the oven door dramatically and make sure to give your asparagus a drizzle of the remaining tablespoon of the jerk. 
  5. That's literally it for the cooking portion. When everything is cooked to your desired doneness, plate the asparagus and top with your browned seitan. You could stop there or you could def keep going. I recommend to keep going by adding a sprinkling of cilantro and some of No-Meat Athlete's Quick Pickled Onions cuz they make everything better. 

ICYMI, I'm not really sure how you could have since this whole post is sprinkled with it but I shared a Zoodle recipe for folks who hate zoodles. It's a hit and you check it out. Surprise (not really) the zoodle recipe comes with a bonus staple recipe for instant pot seitan that's very important. CHECK IT OUT

Can't get enough? I'm all over the place, let's follow each other (cause that doesn't sound creepy, at all!) InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.  Nothing makes me heart more full than when people let me know they've tried my recipes. If you wanna help make my heart happy you can hashtag thisveganlyfe or @ ambereatsveg, comment on the post, post on my wall, tweet at me; whichever socials you feel comfy with.

All the love,


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