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I’m not gonna lie to you my pizza was very bomb but everything else was very not.

Firenza (located in downtown Boise) looks, feels, and acts like a corporate fast food franchise because it is a corporate fast food franchise but it’s a corporate fast food franchise that offers vegan pizza, and if it wasn’t for the damn up-charges it would be, on the cheap. 

My guests and I walked through the front door of Firenza (which was kinda hard to find to be honest) and I immediately got thrown back to my high school cafeteria and not in a pleasant way. Imagine bare white walls and what looks like a giant high school logo painted over a pizza assembly line. 
We approached the pizza assembly line and I immediately told the staff member who welcomed us that this was our first time visiting the restaurant and asked for guidance. They said ok and blankly stared at us until I eventually broke the awkward silence and started asking about vegan options. 
The sauces on the menu were clearly marked as veg…

Nashville Hot Chicken

Happy National Nashville Hot Chicken Day! I truly love food holidays. I've been working on this for quite some time and I'm really excited that it finally came together just in time to celebrate the food holiday in such a big way.

Ok so this recipe is obviously far from accurate. I mean there's no chicken for one, I'm vegan remember? The breading is made from coconut flour but don't get it twisted this dish not gluten free. I just don't keep regular white, whole wheat, or rice flour in my house otherwise I'd be trying to make cookies and cakes all the damn time. And 1) I'm not a good baker;  2) I don't even like sweets; and 3) food waste is my biggest pet peeve (see answers 1 and 2 for context on why this applicable). 
Another way this dish is far from accurate is that Nashville Hot Chicken is typically breaded and then coated in a mixture of lard, cayenne pepper, and if you ain't into spicy foods you should pray there's a sprinkling of bro…

Jerk Seitan and Asparagus

Weeknight dinners need to be quick, easy, tasty, and filled with good for you stuff. This is it. Remember the epic Thai Zoodles (for people who hate zoodles) with Instant Pot Curry Seitan that I shared with you over the weekend? Yeah that one. If you read my short word-vomit at the beginning of the post you'll remember we talked about making sure you save some seitan for some leftover lunch magic later in the week. To quote my own self unnecessarily:
I'm going to go ahead and make a promise that my next recipe will use the leftover seitan from this recipe in a whole new way and with a whole different flavor, using none of the ingredients used in this recipe (except for the leftover seitan, of course). - Amber from Amber Eats Veg Presents: This Vegan Lyfe Using leftover seitan puts this entire dish's cooking time down to 10 minutes, or shorter depending on the amount of doneness you prefer on your asparagus. For this meal I used Urban Accents Jamaican Jerk Taco Simmer Sauce.…

Thai Zoodles with Instant Pot Curry Seitan

Last week on the gram, I asked y'all how you feel about zoodles. I mean pasta is the shit an all but I was so surprised how many of y'all are anti-zoodle. Quite a few vegheads popped through my DMs to ask questions: do you eat them raw because I don't like them raw? How do you cook them and have them not get slimy? And lots more like this. 

Here's where this recipe comes in. Originally, it was all about the seitan because this is an important staple recipe that will have you nailing any meal prep or weeknight lunches with all the ease. But now that I know that y'all need help with your zoodles we're going to let the seitan take the backseat this time. 

So right into it: here's how to make zoodles for people who hate zoodles.

Tip 1: The absolute key to making an amazing zoodle dish that's not disappointing starts and ends with the sauce, y'all. It's so important that your sauce is rich and flavorful - almost over flavored because you're eating z…