Purple Cauliflower

Today MoFo prompted us to make a dish inspired by a color of our choosing. Green is usually the only color I care about on my plate but I'm not ashamed to admit that I love beets. So much in fact that people call me the Dwight Schrute of Boise. Although no one has ever actually called me that, I still think it might stick one day. Seriously though I need you to understand how much I love nature's candy. Also I think we can all agree that beets are some of the most beautiful of nature's creations which is why I decided to create a dish inspired by the beet's gorgeous hue. You may be asking yourself why I am going on an on about beets when this post is clearly about cauliflower.

Plot twist: when I went to the store to grab some ingredients for the epic beet dish I conceptualized, I got totally distracted by this big beautiful purple cauliflower. As soon as I picked it up the future changed, we fell in love, and my epic 5 hour kitchen and beet adventure was cancelled. This cauliflower was so beautiful I couldn't even make myself make something with it. So I just roasted the sucker whole and served it on a bed of steamed purple kale that was tossed with fresh red cabbage and beet puree. Also, I shaved up some purple carrots and red onion and got them crispy in my air fryer.

I thought about doing something more extensive with the flower but damn it's just too beautiful. I really wanted to keep this super simple and highlight the natural colors; all while enjoying the natural flavors of these veggies.

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Up next, I'm supposed to right my wrongs. Well in the kitchen that is. Tomorrow I'm going to improve one of the kitchen flops of my past. Stay Tuned. 

ICYMI, yesterday I revealed my petty side and a F*U* recipe for the haters: Savory Monkey Bread.

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