Oil Free Miso Tahini Burrito Bowl

This may shock some of you especially after yesterday's post but the one thing I try not to consume is oil. Like all forms of it. Of course I'm not 100% oil free because I love to eat and I'm very social and those two things just go together. I'm not going to turn down eating at a vegan potluck and I'm not going to turn my nose up to my family's dishes when they go the extra mile to make me something vegan. But when its not Vegan MoFo I eat very little oil. In fact, I usually don't even have any in the house.

Cooking without oil has created an entire new adventure for me in the kitchen. So far I've found the key is turn down the heat and use veg broth or water for sautéing. Aquafaba makes a great substitute for oil too. Sometimes I use FatFree Vegan's Thick Water as a sub too.

You can achieve maximum flavor by adding fresh components to your food (see this list of flavor enhancers from my salt free post) and you won't miss the oil, I promise.

One of the easiest (and cheapest) oil free dishes to make is your classic burrito bowl. There's no recipe for this because there's so many "recipes" for bowls. Look you don't need a recipe, just put some rice and beans in a bowl and add in a mixture of cooked and raw veggies until your bowl is overflowing. I recommend adding a bunch of fresh herbs and spices on top. This bowl has garlic, green onions, minced jalapeños, and cilantro.

Do not forget the sauces. Like ever! They are crucial to a good bowl and as long as you make your sauce without oil you don't have to worry that you're making your bowl unhealthy by adding it on top. I love love love making this Miso Tahini sauce to dress up my burrito bowls - except now I just totally leave out the 1 tsp of sesame oil. In retrospect it is/was/is totally unnecessary.

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Up next, Vegan MoFo says I've got to make a pantry meal without going to the store. Well welcome to my life. This is where I excel because I HATE GOING TO THE STORE. 

ICYMI, we've got salt free (and nearly gluten free) VEGAN FYSH and CHIPS that will knock your damn socks down. 

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