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V E G A N G U M B O !

Ok first of all don't freak out - the ingredient list is long, I know, but trust me when I say this is an incredibly easy recipe and it's *not* labor intensive, or expensive, for that matter. Double also, you probs already have most of below ingredients in your kitchen. Ok, now that everyone has calmed down - lets get to it.
I've been thinking about hooking y'all up with my gumbo recipe for awhile now - um like years. Buuuut sharing the recipe just kept getting pushed to the side, and then to the back, due to my sabbatical from this here mediocre blog, and this laundry list of ingredients was, and still is, just too much for the gram; so I couldn't share there. When I got back from my lil trip down to the deep and dirty South (aka my home) I hit up my gram followers to see if Gumbo was even something y'all would be interested in trying. Well after a sleepless 24 hours waiting for the results - just kidding - but seriously - the results came in at 100% yes which …