MoFo'n Lunch on the Go.

Lunch on the Go.

Well, I typically wake up with about 30 minutes to get ready and bike to work which doesn't leave me with very much time to make lunch.

My Go-To Lunch on the Go is Big Salads and Sandwiches.

I bike to work everyday, so carrying lunch can prove difficult. I've made it easy on myself by throwing a huge salad into a ziploc bag and squeezing all the excess air out of it. It's now compact and light enough to fit in my backpack.

This is a collage of some of the salads and sandwiches I've put together in a snap and biked to work with. Sometimes, I get to enjoy my lunch by the Boise River and sometimes, I'm too busy to get away from my desk. Kindly bare with some of the poor photo quality.

That's it! A relatively boring post about my Lunch on the Go, Go-To lunch Monday through Friday.

To check out some ideas for homemade salad dressings click here.
To check out some ideas for sandwiches click here.

Tomorrow: Veganize an old family recipe, see y'all there.
ICYMI: Here's MoFo'n Day 18:  Honor a human or non human animal who inspires your veganism.

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  1. I'm a big fan of throwing everything into a salad and calling it lunch...beautiful lunch-time colors.

    1. 2lb salad filled with whatever the hell I've got :)

  2. Such colorful lunches! :D

    1. yeah not a big fan of monotone meals....

  3. That is one colourful collage of lunches! They look so fresh and tasty.

    1. thanks i get cranky if i don't eat the rainbow

  4. I, too, love the salad collage. really neat!

    I will be sharing this on Vegan MoFo Blog for the weekly round up.



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