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MoFo'n California Burritos

Tacos vs. Burritos

Oh why do I have to choose? According to ChefMom, I don't! When I was discussing this prompt with her, she had the genius idea of lining your plate with a burrito tortilla and holding over it while you consume a taco. When all the delicious taco filling spills out the back, which it most definitely will, it'll land on the burrito tortilla. When you're all done with your taco, wrap up the tortilla that caught all your abandoned filling, and BOOM! burrito. I'm gonna have to try this out soon.

This prompt literally had the best timing. Over the weekend, I had to make a difficult decision (much like this taco vs. burrito sitch). I won tickets to the Vegan Food and Beer Fest in PDX and had every intention of making the short drive and getting crazy with BandMan in the city that has become our second home, but as it turned out a local brewery, Woodland Empire, was hosting a pretty damn fine fest (Taco Beer Taco Fest) the same evening, and was in need of some volunteers. When I inquired about volunteering, I was coaxed with free beer and free vegan tacos for the evening, and that's just not an offer I'm prepared to turn down. I don't have to drive anywhere, I don't have to buy anything, and I get to help out my community?! No Brainer.

There were a lot of peeps there coming in and out all night long. With 1 brewery and 4 taco trucks, it's safe to say everyone stayed super busy until closing time. Out of the 4 taco trucks, 3 of them were cool enough to have vegan options. Calle 75 Street Tacos served up some nopales tacos served on a slice of jicama instead of a tortilla. The idea was great but the execution wasn't awesome. The jicama was understandably chill, but the nopales were ice cold. I didn't go back for seconds.

Archie's Place's vegan taco was on point. It was filled with lentils and topped with crispy fried onions. BandMan had quite a few of those. But the winner of the night was hand's down, The Funky Taco's vegan Picadillo taco. It was filled with the craziest flavors and the textures, OMG THE TEXTURES. The Picadillo was filled with a Spanish rice style vegan hash, sugar lime pickle radish, vegan mayo sauce, and crispy banana. I topped mine with this uber delicious, kinda spicy, super thick, jalapeno garlic sauce they had out. It was my absolute favorite of all the tacos and I ate two of them (oh hello taco food baby!).

On top of all of that, Woodland Empire has an impressive selection. They had 17 beers on tap inside where I was working, and 2 specialty beers outside where BandMan was pouring; I tried them all. The 2 specialty beers were a cilantro flavored beer and a horchata inspired beer to go along with the taco flavors. It was a valiant effort, but let me tell you a secret: if you're ever in Boise, you have to try their peach sour beer. It was actually the perfect compliment to the tacos (I may have had 1 or 4 of them).

Flash Forward to the next day (Sunday): we invited a bunch of friends over and had a California Burrito feast to help with the research of the highly controversial topic of Taco vs. Burrito. We talked briefly about the tacos at Taco Beer Taco Fest while consuming the burritos, but it wasn't very long before the California Burrito began to outshine the tacos of the previous night. Everyone put their stomach's on trial by attempting to have seconds. There was only one successful stomach and that belonged to DoomDude, our roommate and bassist. He had a whopping 4 burritos last night (bye bye abs). We ate burritos, gazed at the Super Blood Moon, played with some new pedals, and chilled out with our friends so it was perfect and that perfect feeling is totally tied to that California Burrito.

The burrito has won this battle, but the war is not over.

Vegan4One's California Burrito

Disclaimer: there are no measurements for the ingredients cause with burritos you just got to go with your heart.

your favorite Beefless Strips, prepared with no sauce
your favorite french fries, prepared
your favorite vegan cheese
sour cream
pico de gallo
- chop some tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and mix all together with lime juice
  1. In your tortilla roll up a few pieces of your beefless strips, 5-10 french fries, and so much cheese.
  2. Pan fry, seam side down, and flip so it's brown on both sides.
  3. Top with sour cream, guac, and pico. Serve immediately.
Vegan4One's California Burrito

If you really hate burritos (or gluten) you should try these tacos:
Korean Street Tacos 
RAW Refried Bean Tacos
Boca Tacos
RAW Taco Salad

Tomorrow, I'm gonna talk to you about what we eat when we road trip.

ICYMI, here's MoFo'n Day 27 - This is the one where I confess my love for tarragon and showcase it in a delicious breakfast: Tarragon Creamed Mushrooms on Toast.

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All the love,


vegan tacos from Taco Beer Taco Fest
from L to R: Archie's Place lentil taco, The Funky Taco's picadillo taco, Calle 75 nopales street tacos


  1. awesome idea - two meals in one! i need a french fries burrito!

    1. i kinda feel like you haven't lived until you put french fries in your burrito

  2. So...I voted taco...but this burrito might win me over if I could do it GF! Mmmmm!

    1. use a gf tortilla and portabello mushrooms for the steak - marinate the mushrooms in some lime juice and soy sauce and evoo first.

  3. The California burrito looks incredible & the tacos sounded good, too! :)

    1. the California burrito was everything I've always heard it could be.

  4. Now if I'd realised that cheesy French fries in a burrito was a thing I might not have picked tacos! I need to do more research soon :)

    1. I know right?! The french fries really opened my vegan junk food eyes

  5. California burrito!!!!

  6. Yay to the burrito - I'd never had one with mock meat in it though, so found that really interesting - mine are often vegetarian chilli with beans and veg. But this looks so good, I could chomp on it now.

  7. Oooh I was wondering how you could turn down the Vegan Food & Beer Fest... but free vegan tacos really would win me over too! Archie's Place tacos sounds the best to me - yum!
    Your California burrito looks insane! French fries? Now that's just genius! Yum =)


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