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Butternut Squash Noodles w/Roasted Kale & Mushrooms in Creamy Chickpea Sauce

Super lucky I got not one but two spiralizers for Christmas this year.  So far I haven't quite perfected exactly how to use both of them at the same time but I think I might be on to something there... and you know, maybe that really awful, less-than-entertaining, second sentence is just a poorly executed joke used to mask the fact that I don't actually have a need for two spiralizers but I'm definitely not planning on getting rid of either of them anytime soon.

4 tbsp olive oil, divided
1 butternut squash, peeled and cut into noodles using a spiralizer
1 head of kale, stemmed and roughly chopped.
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning
10 oz cremini mushrooms, quartered
1 tbsp liquid aminos, soy sauce, tamari
1 tsp liquid smoke
Preheat your oven to 400.Coat your mushrooms in the aminos and liquid smoke + 1 tbsp of olive oil and pop them in the oven.Use another tbsp of olive oil to massage your chopped kale. Make sure the kale gets evenly coated in the garlic powder and …

Rosemary Cornmeal Waffles

Man, I've been wanting a waffle iron for a long time. This morning I finally got one. When BandMan said he wanted waffles for his Father's Day breakfast, my mind immediately started cycling through which restaurant would have vegan waffles and not be packed this morning - but then it occurred to me that for the same price as going out, I could just buy a waffle iron and make some bomb ass waffles myself; so I did (and that's what I like to call a win-win situation).

Remember a while ago when I told you that I received a care package from a reader? That care package came equipped with some white cornmeal - which is my favorite kind of cornmeal but it's super hard to find here in Boise - and this is the first dish I made with it.

I made these waffles with my personal preferences which are probably way different than your personal preferences; so if you want to sub out the milk, go for it. Any dairy free milk will taste good. If you don't have white cornmeal, screw it…

Lentil Spinach Salad 4 One

I take this salad at least once a week to work for lunch. Why? because it's super filling and satisfying without being heavy; so it doesn't give me the after-lunch naps. Instead of the afternoon slumps, this lunch gives me a wave of energy that I can ride for as long as I need to and with the busy lifestyle I live I def need the help.

Not only is this salad ridiculously delicious, it comes stacked with a deep punch of protein (21 grams!) and it's literally dripping with excess Vitamin A and C - which I'll never turn down. Protein is so important because ("vegans don't get any" just kidding guys - actually it's found in almost every living cell and fluid - so we get plenty of protein) protein helps to maintain and replace the tissues in your body. Your muscles, organs and many of your hormones are made up of protein, and it is also used in the manufacture of hemoglobin, the red blood cells that carry oxygen to your body. Protein is also used to manufa…