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Mchicha: Nigerian Greens

The idea of the Saturday Market is such a nice one. A leisurely stroll down the streets of your fair city's downtown area; smiling faces; free samplings of local goods; community. But the reality is somewhere closer to overcrowded streets, filled with people who are also in the midst of an anxiety attack; and so many over priced vendors. I gave up on the Saturday Market dream a long time ago.

I routinely visit the Saturday market annually just to see if she's changed. She hasn't but one thing has. I noticed a lot more booths with fresh veggies that were priced reasonably. I mean the fruit is still out-of-this-world expensive but hey that bunch of greens over there look delicious and affordable. So for the first time probably ever, I gave the market "bank" a $20 bill and in return I received 20 tokens that I could exchange for goods. After all these years thinking a consumer couldn't go to the market and spend less than $50, I wanted to see just how far $20 would stretch.

Guess what? It stretches a shit ton. Here's what my $20 got me: 2 bunches of collards, 2 bunches of kale, 2 bunches of beets, turnips, 1lb of potatoes, 1lb of cauliflower, 1lb of tomatoes, 2 bulbs of fennel, a bag of lemon-cayenne roasted pecans, and a bunch of mchicha (African greens); all locally grown on micro farms in Boise.

The Mchicha was the most exciting find. I'd never even heard of it before! The young man who grew the food said it was considered African spinach. I was dying to try it so I made it first thing when I got home and was not disappointed. Not even a little bit. These greens are so tasty that next weekend at the Saturday market I'm doubling up on my mchicha.

1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tomatoes, diced small
1 onion, diced small
1 large green chili, diced small
1 garlic clove, minced
to taste: chili, cumin, curry, salt
1 bunch of mchicha, stems removed and sliced thinly
  1. Heat up your coconut oil and add in the tomatoes, onion, chili, and garlic. When they start to soften and caramelize, add in the spices. 
  2. After a minute or two, throw in your chopped mchicha and let saute with a lid on it for a couple of minutes. 
  3. Uncover check the flavors, adjust, and let cook lid off for another minute or so.


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