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Mushroom and Onion Savory Oatmeal

Every once in a sweet tooth moon, I'll indulge in some pancakes or some other type of breakfast pastry, but generally I don't love sweets for breakfast. Or really for any meal. I'm a savory girl. So I'm a bit shocked that I haven't made a savory oatmeal yet.

Not shocked. Ashamed.

1/2 c oatmeal
1 c vegetable broth
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, roughly chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced
4 crimini mushrooms, quartered

1 tbsp Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste

Stir together the oatmeal and the broth and let the broth cook all the way down over medium-high heat. In a separate pan, get that oil nice and hot. Add in the onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Cook until you're happy. Add in your Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper to the oatmeal and give it a whirl. Mix in your cooked veggies. Sprinkle some nutritional yeast flakes on top for a little extra pazazz. 

Mustard Roasted Carrots

When I was in my formative years and ChefMom would ask what I wanted for supper, I can pretty much guarantee that I almost always said "squash and onions," and "carrots."

But not just any old carrots; ChefMom always made Southern carrots that were coated in lots of brown sugar and butter. Mmmmmm. Droolz.

As I got older, I realized that vegetables are happiest when they're roasted. Not microwaved. Not frozen. Not steamed, or boiled. Roasted.

So this is my attempt to recreate ChefMom's bomb ass Southern carrots. Success.

2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbs whole-grain mustard

1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 lb of carrots, cut up
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat that oven to 400.Whisk together the oil, mustard, brown sugar, vinegar, salt, and pepper; add in the carrots and toss 'em up. Throw that mess on a cookie sheet and roast for about 35-40 minutes.

Cilantro Pesto on Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens

So I've been on a losing streak in the kitchen. I can't say that the dishes I made weren't good, because they were. Damn good. But, they were ugly. Or didn't plate well. Or fell apart when they were being moved from the cooking zone to the eating zone. Anyway, not that important. I just wanted you to know where I've been in case you were wondering; which I am sure, you weren't.

I super recommend making this dish in it's entirety because it was the bomb dot com. Roast some beets until they are tender and saute the beet greens with olive oil, garlic cloves, and red pepper flakes. Top it all off with this cilantro pesto.

Upon first bite, open your eyes real wide, and watch your world expand.

1/3 c cashews
juice of 1/2 lime
1/3 c olive oil
Pulse all ingredients together until it looks like pesto. 

After we ate this stupid-good dinner, we ran off to band practice. We worked on music stuff until about 1:00am and naturally I was starving. So I pan-fried …

Black Bean + Yellow Squash Stuffed Phyllo Pockets

When I got home from work this afternoon, I noticed the vegan phyllo dough that's being sitting in the freezer for months was being used as magical sword by VegKid (that's cute, right?! I thought so). After a short string of questions and semi-answers, VegKid suggested that I stuff the dough with some veggies and call it dinner. So I did. Annnnd it was delicious. Think of a enchilada made with a croissant instead of a tortilla. That's right, amazing!

We spent a while trying to decide what to call these homemade hot pockets from heaven, and while  originally we had settled on the name VegKid proposed (The Good Stuff Mommy Made for Dinner), it wasn't quite descriptive enough so this is where we are at.

This can be a thirty minutes or less kinda meal, especially if you have leftover veggies from a previous meal. Feel free to use whatever stuffing you want to fill the dough (I bet Daiya's mozz and Litelife's pepperoni would be pretty awesome).

1/2 package of phyllo,…

The Best Pasta Salad Ever.

This recipe makes a ton of pasta salad. If you you have potluck picnic or just love having leftovers, this is the recipe for you. It's simple, cheap, and fucking tasty. That's why I named it the best pasta salad ever.

It turned out super delicious which is really all a gal can ask for. I served this with grilled zucchini on top broccoli on the side and a weird, not-so-good, not-blog-worthy artichoke and hearts of palm bruschetta. I've gotta keep working on that one.

In the meantime, stuff your face with this one.

16 oz of your favorite pasta, cooked as directed
1 c cashews
1 bunch of cilantro, minced
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 red onion, diced
1 cucumber, diced
1/4 c olive oil
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
Toss all ingredients together and let chill in the fridge until you're ready for your picnic.

Lemon Basil Couscous with Carrots and Kale

You may, or may not, have noticed me mention my lovely friend, FireNips, a time or two. If you haven't that means you don't really read my blog and you suck; however, you're reading this one right now and that's way cool (totally redeemed yourself).

Anyway, the story: FireNips has asked me for some help in the cooking department. Basically, he doesn't want to follow recipes. Instead, he wants to look at the ingredients he has and make something healthy and tasty (and apparently, I do that). I was honored when he asked for my help and I've made a few trips over to his house for feeding time. I don't really know how to teach, so I just talk him through what I am doing and demonstrate how I operate in the kitchen (a.k.a. I cook for him).  So far the meals haven't been anything special, and neither is this dish for that matter, but besides all that this dish has spunk. Aaaaannnnnd it's freaking good.
Real good.
I licked the bowl.

1 1/2 c couscou…