Cashew Carrot Mash-Up

Technically, this isn't my recipe. And it's certainly not supposed to be my posting. I originally asked BandMan to do a guest blog on this great side dish he concocted. It's so great, we made it for dinner two nights in a row. Alas, we've both been extremely busy with the band (Hey look we have a website now), and he's been busy composing a piece for ballerinas from Ballet Idaho to perform; therefore, writing a quip-py little blog post for me is (understandably) low on his priority list.

The only thing I can tell you about this dish is that its delicious, and that it's original name was "Shit I Found in the Fridge and Threw in a Pan." Enjoy!

1 onion, diced
3 garlic cloves, minced
6 carrots, diced
8 mini sweet peppers, roughly chopped
1/2 c raw cashew pieces
2 tbsp tamari
1 tbsp basil
salt and pepper, to taste
olive oil

  1. Get your olive oil nice and hot in the pan. Toss in the onion, garlic, and carrots. Cook until softened and stuff. 
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and cook until it's to your liking.


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