VeganMoFo: Vegan in Boise

I mentioned in previous posts that my hetero-life partner is in town with family in tow. With that being said, I'd like to apologize for my lack of creativity in the kitchen and my overall general laziness that has, and will be gracing this blog for the remainder of this week.

The only thing I think we love more than eating is eating out and we have been doing a lot of that! So this post is all about my favorite vegan friendly joints here in Boise.

Go ahead, start planning your trip here; the food alone is worth it.

Jenny's Lunch Line:

Jenny's is a cool joint. The menu is different everyday and there is almost always something vegan friendly there to consume for lunch. There is ALWAYS delicious vegan cookies; BandMan is the baker there and ChefMom is the head honcho.

Vegan White Bean Hummus and Veggies Sandwich with Yam Salad and Lemon Couscous


Holy Moly I love this spot. The food is amazing and the staff does a great job of making you feel like royalty. They seriously have the best vegetarian/vegan menu in town. It comes equipped with a gorgeous mango cake that  I would walk across hot coals for.

The Vegan Bento Box: Garlic Fried Rice, Yellow Curry, VegChicken, Spring Roll

Flying Pie:

Man vs. Food, you seen that show? Flying Pie was on that show because they have a wicked triple habenero pizza. I've never tried it because it has chicken and cheese on it (and you have to sign a waiver in order to consume it) but it sure looks like fun. Anywho, the only person who makes better vegan pizza than Flying Pie is me; Ok, ok, they're comparable.

Build Your Own Pizza: Artichoke Hearts, Spinach, Whole Roasted Garlic, Onion, Fresh Jalapenos on the side. 

HippieMom, FroBoy, BandMan, and Myself; we like to eat


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