It's nearing the end of my fifth day of living raw and I feel great. I know there is no way I will be able to be 100% raw after the 14 days is up, but I'm enjoying my experience, none the less. I haven't been posting everything I've eaten because either they weren't interesting enough to post (or there was no real recipe) or I didn't love my concoctions.

Typically, I'm eating fruit or fruit smoothies for breakfast; Huge salads for lunch; A mixture of the two for dinner and fruit for dessert...Add in a few raw nuts, a cracker or a rawma bar and that's about it. Although it doesn't sound exciting, I assure you, it is! I feel super happy, energized, clean and the pounds are shedding.

This week, I'll be exploring my new dehydrator. So, expect to see some cool stuff in a few days!

Recent Meals:

leftover hummus plate

BIGGEST little salad bar in Boise
Raw Sushi (actually I ate two in one sitting)


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