"Common Table is a nonprofit social entrepreneurship for the betterment of the community...Common Table's menu includes fresh and wholesome food with vegan options...The Common Table Token Program distributes over 500 tokens per month to provide free meals to the community...Volunteers are the engine that males Common Table work. Volunteers work in the kitchen to help prepare food or wash dishes. They are also servers and bartenders."

My experience:

I seriously loved this joint! The atmosphere was so warm and inviting; radical hospitality. Great, affordable, healthy, vegan and meat options. They have, what they call, a "smart kid's menu"; it was a refreshing change from the typical mac-n-cheese or grilled cheese, Aubrey usually gets. She ordered a peanut coconut butter (<-- homemade) and caramelized banana panini with fresh fruit. Apparently, it was delicious (I was not offered a taste, ha). I ordered the sushi salad (I substituted the non-vegan citrus dressing for chili paste), upon the recommendation of the vegan volunteer helping us. It was a delicious bowl of rainbows. I have no idea how I'll recreate this dish but she'll be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine (shameless Wayne's World quote).

Location:Bend, OR


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