Fried Green Tomatoes

Have you seen that movie? That's where I grew up! In the very community Fannie Flagg wrote about in her award winning novel which was turned into an award winning movie. The food of the South featured throughout that story are not only the foods that define my childhood but they are flavors that should cause everyone to celebrate! I still can't go more than a few days without some grits for breakfast or some spicy collards greens and sweet cornbread for dinner (Sunday dinners ain't just for Sundays in my house). Down South we'll fry anything; corn, zucchini, squash, okra, dill pickles, snickers candy bars, green tomatoes; you name it, we'll fry it!

CAUTION : The following is off-subject:
I just recently discovered that our Saturday market has a mother-daughter team from Georgia that sells sweet tea and boiled peanuts (they have the green goobers overnighted)...I can't wait to get up Saturday and get mine!

It's baffling to me when people ask "What is a grit?" or "Yuck! You fry that?" The only way to convert them is to cook the food and send their taste buds a-whirl; much like convincing people vegan food can be delicious! 

I did just that this past Monday!

Every Monday night I go to a knitting circle; we sit on Kathy's, my instructor and friend, back porch. We drink peach tea and eat snacks while we knit and chat about recent events. Recently, I came across two beautiful green tomatoes and decided that I would put all previous negative inquiries about Southern AND vegan food to rest (two birds, one stone. Right?!). 


Here's what I did...

What You'll Need:
2 Large Green Tomatoes
1 Cup of Cornmeal (I used white cause it's hard to find here. So, when I do find some I snatch it up.)
1 Cup of Flour
3 Tablespoons of Plain Soy Milk
Egg Replacer equivalent to 2 eggs (I use Ener-G Egg Replacer; It's FAB!)
Enough EVOO to cover a half a slice of tomato in the pan
Hot Sauce to your liking

What You'll Do:
1) Heat oil over med-high heat
2) Combine cornmeal and flour in something you can easily move the tomatoes around in (I use a pie plate) and in a similar but separate dish combine egg replacer and soy milk.
3) Slice the tomatoes, much like you would for a sandwich (I like mine pretty thick) and sprinkle with hot sauce.
4) Once the oil is hot dip the slice of tomato in the milk mixture and immediately coat with the cornmeal mixture on both sides. Immediately drop in oil and fry until golden brown on both sides.

The key to a fabulous fried dish is to never salt before the oil and immediately salt after it comes out of the pan.


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