Earthy Crunchy!

So many new things have anchored in my life: VegKid has recently turned five and has successfully completed two full days in Kindergarten; I have accepted a prestigious promotion in my career (3 years ago it was just a job). Life sure has kept me busy with all these new happenings but I always make time for my food. I have a few tasty treats just waiting to get posted but first:

If you ask most children what their favorite sandwich is I'd wager most of them name off the delicious and classic peanut butter and jelly. Well, not my kindergartner! VegKid's favorite sandwich is the Earthy Crunchy.

Your favorite sandwich bread
cucumber, we use English tea cucumbers
hummus, I like jalapeno hummus; while Aubrey prefers spinach and artichoke hummus
  1. Build your sandwich! Spread the hummus on the bread of your choice and layer cucumber slices with lettuce or baby spinach.

To take this one step further:
You can easily create a vegan Greek spin off from the Classic B.L.T. by adding 2 vegan "bacon" slices to this sandwich.


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